GInI / Innovation Accreditation

SARI is a Global Authorized Innovation Provider (AInP) by the Global Innovation Institute (GInI)

GInI-LogoThe Global Innovation Institute (GInI)® is an international organization providing professional membership associations and certifications in the field of Innovation.

GInI aims to advance individual careers and transform organizational achievements by advancing the profession of innovation leadership. It does this through its globally recognized standards, tools, publications, resources, professional development courses, certifications, applied research, and networking opportunities.

All certificates available through GInI reflect the most current methods, trends, and strategies in innovation leadership. These are continually updated to the latest internationally-recognized practices across the many domains of innovation.

GInI has set the standard for innovation excellence around the globe.

Certified Innovative Organization (CInOrg)

Innovation Lab Accreditation

Innovation Program Design

Business Incubator Accreditation

Accelerator Program Accreditation

Project Innovation Endorsement (Tier 1)

Project Innovation Endorsement (Tier 2)

Project Innovation Endorsement (Tier 3)

Authorized Innovation Assessor (AInA)

Certified Chief Innovation Officer (CCInO)

Certified Innovation Strategist (CInS)

Certified Innovation Professional (CInP)

Certified Design Thinking Professional (CDTP)

Our Accreditation
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