Future Foresight & Shaping Services

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Future Foresight involves exploring and understanding potential future scenarios, while Future Shaping involves actively influencing and shaping the desired future outcome through strategies and actions. Future foresight is more focused on observation, analysis, and scenario creation, while future shaping is about taking proactive steps to bring about the desired future. Both approaches are valuable in strategic planning and preparing for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

We at SARI Consulting offers clients with Future Foresight & Shaping consulting services encompassing:

Organizational Future Foresight/ Shaping Maturity Assessment

Future Foresight/ Shaping Strategy (Growth Strategy)

Scenario Planning

Trend Analysis

Future Foresight/ Shaping System/ Framework

Future Foresight/ Shaping Business Methodology

Future Foresight/ Shaping Advanced Tools

Future Foresight/ Shaping Business Unit Structuring

Foresight Research and Reports

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