Business Incubators & Accelerators Services


Incubators and accelerators are essential programs that offer startups the necessary resources, guidance, and networks to thrive. They contribute significantly to the success of early-stage ventures, foster innovation, and drive economic growth.

We at SARI consulting offers clients with Business Incubators & Accelerators services encompassing:

Incubation Space and Resource

Incubation Mentorship and Development

Incubation Innovation Selection and Onboarding

Incubation Networking and Funding Guidance

Post-Incubation Support

Accredited Business Incubator (ABI)

Accelerator Program Design and Implementation

Accelerator Startup Recruitment and Selection

Accelerator Mentorship and Training

Accelerator Funding Assistance

Accelerator Networking and Partnership

Accelerator Resource Provision

Accelerator Post-Program Support

Accredited Accelerator Program (AAP)

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