Risk & Knowledge & Sustainability Management Services


Organizations have to ensure that they have processes and systems in place which comply with quality, health and safety, environmental management, corporate social responsibility and other areas of sustainable development. Risk management is important in the organization because without it the organization cannot set its future goals. Knowledge management is necessary because it boosts the efficiency of an organization’s decision-making ability.

We at SARI consulting offers clients with business Risk & Knowledge & Sustainability Management services encompassing:

Sustainability Services

Sustainability Audit & Assessment

Sustainability Strategy

Global Reporting (GRI)

Feasibility Studies

ISO 26000 Corporate Social Responsibility Management System

Risk Management Services

Risk Assessment & Identification

Risk Management Strategy

Risk Management Frameworks and Policies

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Risk Monitoring and Reporting

Compliance & Regulatory Risk Management

Cybersecurity Risk Management

Business Continuity Planning

ISO 31000 Risk Management System

Knowledge Management Services

Knowledge Audit & Assessment

Knowledge Management Strategy

Knowledge Capture and Documentation

Knowledge Sharing Platforms & Technologies.

Knowledge Transfer and Succession Planning

Knowledge Management Metrics & Measurement

Change Management for Knowledge Culture

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