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We always seeks to provide world-class services that
are cost effective and tailor made toeach organization
to meet the requirements of our clients and
exceed their expectations.
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Smart Advisory Rapid Innovation (SARI) consulting is a leading management consulting and capacity building company in UAE, that provides advisory management services to public, private, and NGOs sectors in the UAE and outside to improve their competitive advantage and performance levels.

SARI consulting services businesses of all sizes and industries with a dedicated team of qualified and experienced advisors with extensive experience in Strategic Management Future Foresight/ Shaping, Innovation Management, Excellence & Organizational Development, 4th Industrial Revolution/ Advanced Science, Process & Quality Management Systems (QMS), Project, Sustainability, Risk & Knowledge Management, Services Quality & Surveys Studies, Human Resources & Talent management, Capacity Building, Training & Coaching.

SARI consulting always seeks to provide a high-quality service that is cost-effective and tailor-made to each organization to meet and exceed the client’s requirements and expectations.

SARI is a Global Authorized Innovation Provider (AInP) accredited by the Global
Innovation Institute (GInI) in USA. As well, SARI approved as a Member, Certified
Advisor Organization and Certified Training Organization with EFQM.

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